Thy Kingdom Come: 21 - 31 May 


Join in this global prayer initiative running from Ascension Day (21 May) to Pentecost (31 May): pray for the empowering of the Holy Spirit! An exciting aide memoire, to join us together while we are apart, will be launched during our service this Sunday (17th) and will be available here afterwards.

  • Pray for 5 friends or family to come to know Jesus. Draw round your hand and write a name against each finger, stick this somewhere that will remind you to pray for them daily.
  • Parish Prayer Walk, Saturday 30 May, walking all or part way between our four churches, during daily exercise and practising social distancing.  Maps and briefing, can be accessed below or from Sally (


Parish Prayer Walk

As you will be aware we planned a Prayer Walk between our churches as part of Thy Kingdom Come (TKC) initiative. It was scheduled for Saturday 30 May but you can do it then or at another convenient time, observing the guidelines for social distancing etc
We are very grateful to Les for preparing the route maps – please see his notes below.
Happy and prayerful walking, running or whatever!
Sally Musson
Parish TKC Coordinator

Under the present circumstances we cannot gather as a group to do the walk, so I have produced the maps in order to enable you to do it alone or as a family group.
The idea is that you walk the route contemplatively and consider the blessings of the LORD on the parish in which we live and the people within it.  It also provides the opportunity to make prayer requests for the needs of the area, and for the souls of the people there.
The maps for the route are HERE or can be collected from each church where a set will be pinned to the door or left in a box or folder.  I have tried to include the street and road names on the maps to make the route easier to follow.  The ‘Prayer Stop’ points are just suggestions.  You can pray as you walk or stop at any other place.
I have included a stop by the Methodist church where the foodbank is currently situated to which we have now diverted our efforts and contributions which before went to FEAST (Families Eating and Sharing Together).
I have produced maps for each leg of the route, so that you can start and finish the complete loop from any church, or just do a single leg or two.
If you have any questions, please email me on
God bless you as you walk and pray.
Les Naylor
Parish Treasurer.