Evangelism – some news from Mark our Vicar 
The daily reflections continue on Facebook and on the website. I have been recently reviewing them and would value any feedback and your specific assistance in sharing posts creatively so they gain a wider reach. My provisional aim is to try and double the reach so they connect with more people outside the church. If this happens with your help I will  continue. If not, I will  say my prayers with others about the best strategic use of this valuable resource. 

Reflections on the impact of God’s love is a huge encouragement when you sense and feel that the reach goes beyond the doors of the established network of Christian believers. One small way amongst many of sharing the gospel. On writing this  towards the end of August someone counted about a 140 have been done! I knew people were listening;  little did I know they were  counting! Thank you for supporting this ministry in prayer. 

Pastoral network: Wendy Carr
As holiday time comes to a close for many, terms begin and schools and universities re-open, much is changing around us. Yet despite changes we need to be conscious of the ongoing benefit of our amazing pastoral callers network. For the past 5+ months a network of callers have been staying in touch with some 600 PEOPLE across the parish. From this we have seen emerge new friendships and  the deepening of existing relationships.

This is something to celebrate and give thanks for. As this term lays before us, we are considering how we can grow this network and extend it to the  wider community. We are indeed the hands and feet of Jesus here on earth, and in this time particularly also the eyes, ears and mouths; showing compassion and sharing the good news of Jesus in a very practical way.

Sally Musson: Zooming all over the world   (Well, England and Scotland anyway!)
It is a great privilege of funeral ministry to be alongside individuals and families at a very difficult time in their lives.  This took on an altogether different dimension the other week when, due to geographical separation rather than Covid-19, I engaged in a funeral ‘visit’ by Zoom, which linked myself in Hildenborough with folk in London, Sussex and one holidaying on the Isle of Skye.  A memorable and marvellous time together.   

Children and Young People  - From Andy & Emily
It has been a busy summer for the YCF team with over 100 boxes going to families as part of Holiday Club in a Box, a Young Women's Day and lots more besides. Our youth & children's groups restart on 6th with Sunday Club and then Grub from 8th and SOS & Refresh from 13th. There's also a Young Men's Day coming up on 27th Sept and plenty more so keep up with us on Facebook and during the services! 

Supporting and enabling our volunteers  - From the Administrators 
400 bags of blessings, created, packed and delivered by a fabulous team of over 30! Their work was much appreciated: "arrived at exactly the right moment for me”, “so beautifully but simply decorated", "made me feel special & loved”, “makes us feel not forgotten”. 
... and for your diary: 
9th September: Alpha Online, 7.30pm

4th October: Harvest Sunday

12th October: APCM, 8pm 

19th October: Parish in Prayer, 7.30pm St Peter & St Paul