Living Stones: our new initiative 

Living stones

Living Stones extends the good relationships built up with the contact caller system set up in March at the beginning of lockdown.

Our intention is that these groups enable connections back into our church family during these dispersed days. 
It is for those who want to opt into a group that enables them to stay connected within a supportive spiritual environment and more widely and fully with others across the parish. 
Our hope is that you will be comfortable with engaging with people you do not already know. 
Is it for those in homegroups?  Only if they want to support this initiative and have time to do so. 
The main commitment should still first be to one’s homegroup.
This is intended to be complimentary to homegroups where support is already being offered. 
Groups will naturally have their own feel to them, but your leaders will be focusing on the following:
- How are you?
- How can we pray for each other and for those you are connected with in the community?
- How can the group/individuals support the parish at this time?
- Offering a passage of scripture to consider in-between meetings and then reflecting back.
- Accountability to one another for how ‘stepping out of your boat’ has gone in the past fortnight. 
Will initially run for 6 months after which we will review its efficacy and looking to God to see what will emerge from this initiative as we go forward. 
Contact us on to express your interest in taking part!