Services in church 

Our Youtube services will be continuing, but alongside them we are carefully opening:

Sundays 11am St Peter & St Paul - short service of worship, prayer and the word

Sundays 6.30pm St Peter & St Paul - evening reflection (also on Youtube)

from September 6th:

Sundays 8.30am  St Saviour  Holy Communion 

Safety Guidance: 

Visitors to our "open for prayer" times (10.00-12.00 Mon - Sat) please observe the "general points" too: 
Arrive in good time to be seated
Clean hands on arrival with sanitiser supplied inside entrance
Fill in your name and contact details on Test and Trace consent form inside entrance for yourself and others in your “bubble”.  If using a pen supplied at entrance, it should be placed in box for used pens and not mixed with other pens
Take seats as directed by welcomers and stay in those seats
Wait at end of the service to be directed to leave by welcomers and proceed to vacate the church promptly
A collection plate will be available at the end of the service
Clean hands with sanitiser on leaving the church
General points:
Maintain social distancing of 2 metres at all times
Wearing of face coverings is strongly advised
Toilets are available with extra cleaning sprays and hand washing facilities
Children are welcome and should stay within their “bubble”.  Specific activities for children will be introduced in due course

Calendar of open and livestream services, and open for prayer time, is here