Our Work around the World

Across the world, we work closely with organisations and individuals providing pracical help, spiritual help, training and education. The group overseeing how we spend our money on these projects is the MISSION ACTION GROUP or MAG, chaired by Paul White.

Hope for Justice

Retrak street kidsRetrak chess
ABOUT Hope for Justice: Preventing human trafficking, rescuing and campaigning for reform       
July/Aug 2020:
In the USA several victims of slavery were rescued; and a new law has been passed: hotels and motels must provide employees with slavery prevention training.
In Uganda 13 teenagers were taken into HfJ Lighthouses and given food, medical care, shelter and counselling, while workers try to find their families. 
The West Yorkshire Hub has made life-changing interventions for a number of victims.
The UK Advocacy Team has helped a number of victims to get vital compensation - so often this just does not happen.
In spite of the crisis many supporters are still finding inventive ways to raise funds.


Bishop Given and the Diocese of Kondoa: Tanzania

Bp Given Kondoa
Kondoa Diocese, about the size of Wales, is one of the poorest in Tanzania. Our parish and a few others in this area have raised funds for a kindergarten - building completed January  2018. 

September 2020 update HERE


The Langham Partnership 

Langham photo 1
ABOUT Langham Partnership: Trains pastors, equips students & leaders, distributes books; Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the UK and Ireland, and the USA http://uk.langham.org/  
July/August 2020: 
Preaching seminars and training are continuing to support pastors virtually; it is very difficult to reach remote communities with poor connectivity.
The Ethiopian government gave an unprecedented hour of free airtime on the national TV channels to allow religious broadcasts; four Langham pastors contributed.  
Many scholars are struggling with real practical, mental and spiritual problems during the crisis; they are being given extra support and care. 
The newly launched Langham Literature website has had a great response, helping with access to vital reading material for pastors and scholars alike.
Langham is helping with the annual Keswick Convention, this year virtually; Dr Chris Wright has been speaking at meetings. 


The Lawrence Barham Memorial Trust:

Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi

Cyanagugu 800x600
The Trust has been operating in East Africa since 1985, supporting the work of the Anglican Church. Projects have included a cathedral, two income-generating guest houses, schools, colleges, a medical centre and houses for widows and orphans. The work of the Gospel is growing, and to train more pastors, the Trust have to provide accommodation, support and facilities - pastors in Rwanda are only supported by local donations. The Peace Guest House (photographed) completed with local labour and materials in 2016, accommodates many visitors, trainers and international groups, generating income. 


Overseas Mission Fellowship: the Gelsthorpe family, Japan

ABOUT: The Gelsthorpes are missionaries from the UK based in rural north Japan. 

Their July/August 2020 update is here