Properties needed for Afghan Refugees 

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Tonbridge Welcomes Refugees is a small local charity set up in 2015. We help to support refugees who are usually referred to us under the Government’s Refugee Resettlement Schemes.

The most basic need for the refugees is housing. This must be privately rented so that social housing can be kept for those on the Housing Register. We try to help the local Council, TMBC, to find properties. TMBC will accept 5 Afghan families if properties are available. They need houses or flats with at least two bedrooms. Ideally these would be in Tonbridge or Malling, rather than in village situations because of the cost and availability of public transport for individuals who need to find employment. Such properties also need to be self-contained.

If you have a property to suggest, please email Claire Keeling, TMBC’s Housing Officer. She will then arrange for a visit to the property to assess whether it can be used by the Scheme, the type of family it would suit and to discuss the benefits of the Scheme to you, as a proprietor.