Appeal 2021

St Saviours
There is a need to re-lay the path.  The roots of the trees on the south side had grown very large and have now been taken down.  However, their roots have over time caused a series of lumps and bumps in the path.  There are viewed as potentially dangerous and need to be removed. 
There is also a desire to create some new garden spaces along that side - an area for children and a paved area with seating and a wild flower garden.
If you have a love for St Saviours or normally worship there, you may wish to contribute to this work.  The cost will be in the order of £16,000.

The ability to transmit our services on-line has been very successful during the crisis, and almost all parishioners have asked that this facility is continued when the situation returns to 'normal', including an ability to stream live services   This requires additional investment in the audio and video equipment, mainly at P&P, but also in St Philips and at St Andrews.  This will require a sum of £40,000.

General Fund
In 2020 the church had a small deficit in the General Fund of £1800.  The income of the church fell by 20% as we lost the funds from leeting the church buildings, running a coffee bar and the the donationes made via the plate during church services.  The loss was offset by careful management of the expenditure, some of which included delaying maintenance and repair work.  In 2021 we need to do some of this work as the churches re-open.  In addition, we are not expecting a full return to lettings, coffee bar and physical services until the Autumn term. 
This means that the budget for 2021 has a £12,000 deficit.

If you would like to pledge funds to one of the causes above, please complete the form below and a member of the Finance team will contact you.

Many thanks for your faithful and ongoing financial support.
Les Naylor
Parish Treasurer

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Leslie Naylor, 20/03/2021