Youth, Children & Families Ministry


Welcome to the Youth, Children & Families Ministry hub


Our Vision

Our vision for the youth, children & families ministry is one that is 3-D: discovery, discipleship and development. Each of these areas is represented by a different symbol: a compass (discovery), a cross (discipleship) and tools (development). Everything within the YC&F ministry falls under one of these categories and if you'd like to understand a little more how this all fits together you can download the poster here.

Coming Up...

So that you don't miss out on what's coming up over the next few months we've put together a calendar (coming up!) of events relating specifically to youth, children and families.  Things on the calendar may change and if they do we'll be posting those changes on our Facebook page so ensure that you like and follow us to not miss out.
There's lots going on within the life of this ministry in the Parish and if there's anything you want more information about or you just want to say 'hi' please don't hesitate to get in touch with the team. You can also connect with us on our Facebook page which is updated regularly with videos, challenges, activity ideas and reflections.


Andy Page, 24/03/2020